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BeakerLib Newsletter #04: Text logging

BeakerLib offers some basic logging capabilities to tests. The logging commands mainly serve to give a unified and visually consistent look to any messages output by the test, both during execution and when generating the test protocol. These function are one of the oldest in BeakerLib, and unfortunately they suffer from some design decisions based mostly on the RHTS usage patterns at that time.

Summary: rlLog, rlLogDebug, rlLogError, rlLogFatal, rlLogWarning, rlLogInfo

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BeakerLib Newsletter #03: Journal

The Journal is a core piece of BeakerLib. It is an on-disk log of a test
progress: whenever you do a rl-Something, an information about the command
execution and result is stored in it. It is simply an XML-formatted document.
It is used to generate a human-readable test protocol, and it is also uploaded
to Beaker in its raw form to allow automated processing. These artifacts are
generated and uploaded whenever a Phase is finished, so we have partial results
available after each Phase.

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BeakerLib Newsletter #01: Basics

Dear QE colleagues,

this is the first of the series of newsletters about BeakerLib, the
shell testing library. The newsletter purpose is
to browse BeakerLib, feature by feature. Some features are well-known,
but some are not: by skimming the newsletters, you might discover some
trick you missed so far, or a feature which might make your test writing
life easier. I intend to send a letter every two or three weeks.

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